How to register an account? What kind of information are necessary?
Open Global NEVS website, and apply for an account. You should fill in the following information:
  • E-mail (enterprise e-mail address is required, or your application may be rejected)
  • Verification code received in the provided e-mail address
  • Password (set by yourself)
  • Nickname
  • Country code + phone number
  • Enterprise name
  • Department
  • Job type (tick the checkbox)
  • Position
  • Interest (optional, tick the checkbox)
  • Purpose (optional, tick the checkbox)
Is it a must for me to register with an enterprise e-mail address? May I use my personal e-mail address?
Global NEVS supports registration with enterprise e-mail address only. If you have an enterprise e-mail address, please register with it; if not, it is suggested to contact your IT department to obtain one.
How to update my registration information?
The registered e-mail address is regarded as the unique identification to log in Global NEVS platform. If any change to the e-mail address occurs, you should register a new account with the new e-mail address. If other registration information are changed, you can [Update Personal Information] and [Change Password] in “Personal Center”.
How to apply for free trial? How long is the trial period?
You can get a 7-day trial for free once you register an account in Global NEVS successfully.
What modules can I visit during trial period?
You can visit all modules in Global NEVS during trial period! But there are some limitation for you to visit data, and data shown on front-end shall prevail. You can visit all modules in Global NEVS during trial period! But there are some limitation for you to visit data, and data shown on front-end shall prevail.

Obtaining Data and Reports

How to get data sample and report sample?
Trial users are allowed to visit all modules in the platform, as well as view data samples and report samples. We ensure that statistical structure and analysis shown to trial users are the same with those to membership users.

Purchase Membership

How to be an official membership of Global NEVS?
You can subscribe to be Global NEVS platform official membership online in the following steps:
  • Submit purchase order: you can submit your purchase order in Payment Page, and will receive purchase order with our signature and official seal in the system if it is approved. You can also contact our customer service for more information about the purchase.
  • Payment after confirming purchase order: you should make payment with bank account of the company which is confirmed in purchase order, and submit payment vouchers in Global NEVS for review and verification. E-mail address(es) under this account shall be clarified in the contract (which is/are regarded as the unique identification).
  • After the payment is confirmed, you are an official membership of our platform: we will launch data permission to you once your payment voucher is confirmed (the official membership account shall be registered with enterprise e-mail address confirmed in purchase order, and all accounts in the package shall be with the same enterprise e-mail suffix).
  • The membership subscription is completed after relating accounts are allowed to access relevant data.
How much is the membership subscription? And how many accounts can be contained in a package?
Please see the Payment Page for price details at Global NEVS website. Notice: each official account is limited to two computers only. If an account is used on more than two computers, it will be locked and you will be unable to log in. In this happens, please contact our customer service.

After-sales Service

Other questions?
  • Regarding data legitimacy and accuracy: data and information in Global NEV is obtained from publicly available information, or authorized by a third-party, or from our research. We do not make any warranty as to the accuracy, completeness or reliability of such information, and is provided for general information purpose only. Global NEVS is not liable for any loss incurred by any subject as a result of the use of any content of this website.
  • Regarding content update: contents of each module will be continuously updated in different frequency. In valid membership period, you can check the latest contents in each module.
  • Regarding the change of contracted membership account: if you need to close data permission or transfer it to other account due to own reason, you should apply for membership transfer online in our platform and the transfer can be operated only after being approved by us. If all accounts in your package are used and you need to add other accounts, please purchase a new package for the newly-added ones.
  • Regarding use of data: data and information released on Global NEVs are for internal use of contracting enterprises, and when citing, please indicate “Source: Global NEVS”. We own and retain all copyright and other intellectual property rights in the content of our website. No organization or individual may reproduce, duplicate, publish or quote the content in any form without prior permission. Quoting is allowed to be used within permitted scope after contacting us via sending e-mail to service@globalnevs.com and obtaining our permission in advance.