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Car sales & production data of 40+ countries, able to check by country, by brand and model, by energy type, by vehicle type, and by segment
Auto exports from China to 50+ countries
Able to search by brand and model, by energy type, by vehicle type, and by segment
New car plan of 80+ brands at 8 countries
More than 70 basic parameter libraries of 20+ countries, you can also visually compare the configuration parameters of different models
Car manufacturers across 20+ countries and their production capacity
Auto parts supplier and related models, able to check supplier of key parts by model, as well as NEV power battery installation, and OTA function
Charging pile & battery swap
Import & export policies, financial policies, sales support, etc.
Monitor global automotive industry news, covering dynamics of new vehicles, industry technology, brands, etc.
Sales analysis of each country, auto exports analysis, etc.
Note: data, reports and functions are keeping updating.
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